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Become a Cultural Anthropologist - Get Paid

Pineapple EMPIRE has been set up to enable its citizens to cooperate on a common goal in their life. Our citizens are vastly diverse but share one common goal. This framework allows our citizens to rally around it and accelerate progress together through action rather than voice alone. 


Illustration of a ringed planet, maybe Saturn, with a couple moons within its orbit

New Worlds

For centuries, scientists, philosopher, and science fiction writers suspected that planets outside our solar system existed.


Illustration of a ringed planet, maybe Saturn, with a couple moons within its orbit

Space exploration

As space technology has evolved, astronauts have been able to explore more distant celestial structures in outer space.

Illustration of a U.F.O.

Extraterrestrial life

Since the mid-20th century, active ongoing research has taken place to look for signs of extraterrestrial life.


A typical Voluntary Nation created in Pineapple EMPIRE, for example, citizens inspire one another across all social and cultural backgrounds and geographies with the only singularity being the overall goals of the Nation that each Citizen chooses to follow. 



These new forms of governance can have any legal framework, economic model, or decision-making mechanism promoted by their personal sovereignty at all times and voluntarily join and leave the Nations. Thus, anyone can opt-in or opt-out of a Voluntary Nation, and the Nations are required to compete with one another for Citizen patronage. 


However. These organizational models can only outcompete modern state sovereignty if they can provide credible alternatives to the Nation State’s raison d’etre: the provision of security and justice. Voluntary nations must provide better, more secure, faster, and more valuable peer-to-peer alternatives for these services.

Think about new ways of structuring society

Be responsible for ensuring active and engaged communities around topics by managing long-lead editorial calendars, monitoring online conversations, and participating in conversations to build brand visibility and leadership.


Advise and Document the rise of an empire and the New Space Economy

Pineapple EMPIRE’s vision is a global free market for governance services. A post-Nation State world of Voluntary Nations, City States, and Autonomous Communities which compete for Citizens by providing a range of opt-in governance services.

Honor the past. Shape the future. 

By offering strong sanctuaries and welcoming communities, our citizens can help accelerate progress towards Type I Civilization status and beyond.